Urban Artistic Hosting Platform at HaDira

Anat Litwin, Sally Krysztal
Location: Model Apartment

As part of their work at HaDira residency program at the Liebling Haus, artists Anat Litwin and Sally Krysztal will examine the relationship between private and public space, and between the home and the city. This exploration correlates with two temporal contexts: the Scheuers’ historical 1936 apartment and a contemporary residency space within a public center (HaDira). During their stay at the Liebling Haus, they will study the intrinsic potential of the act of hosting and residing in this space on the background of the evolving urban reality, as the home becomes not only a cultural anchor, but also a new public arena for artistic and civil engagement. 

Their residency at HaDira integrates research, performative creation and an ongoing dialogue with the professional and art community. The process will be open to the public both on-site and online, resulting in an exhibition which will be presented at the apartment. This residency is an additional chapter of the Urban Artistic Hosting Platform (UAHP), which focuses on critical practices of creative hosting in the city and on redefining art and artists’ role in shaping urbanism. UAHP is part of Litwin’s doctoral research at the Technion supervised by Prof. Rachel Kallus.

Program Curator: Arch. Sabrina Cegla

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Home Tour with artists in residence Anat Litwin and Sally Krysztal

A tour and conversation with artists in residence Anat Litwin and Sally Krystal, the first guests of HaDira - the Residency Program of the Liebling Haus. In a discussion with the residency program curator Sabrina Cegla, they will present the Urban Artistic Hosting Platform (UAHP), their creative process and share their experience of staying in the Scheuer family’s former apartment on the third floor.


On Holes and Hosting - an Invitation to an interactive evening of game playing and sock mending

Sold Out

An interactive event which includes game playing and domestic skill development, taking place in two parallel rounds. Guests will gather around the table in the dining room to play a new board game in which participants follow a transnational journey of the HomeBase Project while contemplating on critical practices of artistic hosting in the city. Simultaneously guests will convene in the living room to acquire a practical, albeit gradually disappearing, domestic skill - repairing socks, by participating in a sock mending workshop.

See you in the public space


Hosting in a Wet Space

Sally Krysztal

While the wet space of the house is dedicated to cleansing, it also provides comfort and refuge. The installation examines daily life’s dry boundaries against the wet fantasies of creation in a familiar place.

Service (Urban Porcelain)

Anat Litwin

A series of porcelain serving plates embedded with a glossary of concepts and tools developed by UAHP. 

Ceramics: Yael Gruner

Requiem for Bicycle

Sally Krysztal

An installation featuring a collection of paper ghost-bikes. The burial site of bicycle skeletons from around the city.

UAHP - A Series of Installations and Furniture

A lab for developing the research and artistic language of the Urban Artistic Hosting Platform (UAHP). A series of furniture incorporating research, art, domesticity, everyday life, and bureaucracy.


Anat Litwin / Sally Krysztal

A multipurpose table that encourages discourse, knowledge, and lifestyle sharing on the backdrop of the Homebase project’s journey (2006-2020; New York, Berlin, Jerusalem, Saitama, Givatayim, and Tel Aviv). The tablecloth features embroidery: stations on a transatlantic voyage home, toward a vision that blends art and urbanism in a new social, civic, and cultural order. Guests can participate in a game that explores the interplay between art, urbanism, and citizenship and how they intertwine with everyday life in personal, public, domestic, and urban spaces.


Anat Litwin

The cabinet is the conceptual and practical anchor of the Urban Artistic Hosting Platform (UAHP). Part of a multi-layered living environment, the cabinet offers a physical space for residential artists, introducing an array of impressions, tools, and materials used when brewing residency at the center of the living room in the heart of the city.

Embroidered Entrance Hall Tile

Sally Krysztal

The building’s exterior entrance hall is launched into the apartment’s interior, where embedded concrete tiles inspire a lace tablecloth.


Sally Krysztal

The blueprint of the third floor is engraved on parchment paper. The floor plan describes the structure while emphasizing the absence of the original residents.